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Ottawa's Healing Art Clinic

A Natural & Holistic
Approach to Health

Ottawa's Holistic Clinic

Ramila’s Healing Arts Clinic in Ottawa offers non-invasive analysis and treatments using only natural methods. The healing techniques employed are varied, but they all have one thing in common - holism. Natural medicine recognizes the fact that physical health is intricately entwined with emotional and mental health.

Why we are so passionate

Old Globe


 To educate and empower people globally to attain and maintain extraordinary health through healthier alternatives.


To make this world a healthier place by eliminating disease.

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How we will achieve this

 By providing the highest level of service in a caring and loving environment and by identifying and treating the root cause of your ailment.

Our Values




Keen Listening


A Commitment to Excellence


Creating a Safe Environment


Well-being is a concept that is often misunderstood. It is not "physical being" or "emotional being". It is well-being or a state of general wellness which means a sound body and mind. In the body, there are channels of energy, which flow throughout and have a direct impact on the health of both.

When you turn to Ramilas Healing Arts Clinic seeking well-being, you will realized that the healing is based on timeless wisdom. There are many different therapies that will be used and customized to your specific needs. The practice of natural medicine requires years of education and experience, but holistic approaches often provide the most effective means of treatment simply because they treat the whole person and not just an ailing part.

The various methods of analysis and recommendations include the following:

Our Team


One-On-One Wellness Program

If you need help with getting to the root cause of your ailments. This is a program for you. This is an individualized program developed to help get to the root of your problem


Group Wellness Training

Our group coaching program is a combination of one-on-one, group or community coaching. Learn more here

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