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Emotional Release Therapy Ottawa

Emotional release therapy is an alternative healing method used to help release a person’s past emotions from an event that happened in early childhood or later in life. It happened so long ago and doesn’t seem relevant anymore, yet it's having a negative impact on one’s life.

Research shows that childhood traumas, unprocessed emotions, and unresolved negative events in our lives, don’t just affect us emotionally and spiritually, but they have a profound effect on our physical body and beyond. They impact our whole being. Our childhood experiences deeply affect our belief systems, habits, and emotional reactions.

We make a lasting impression of the world before the age of seven, during this period events shape our personality, our beliefs about ourselves, people, and how we view the world, all of this is stored as a charge in our subconscious mind.  An example would be if you felt that a parent showed more attention to another sibling and not you. Then there would be emotions of unfairness, anger, maybe sadness. This may play out as nothing works out for me, later in life and we never know where it stemmed from. This may affect you for years. Another simple example is that when you were a little girl in kindergarten and another little girl told you that you were fat, this got registered in your subconscious mind and could affect your body image for the rest of your life. (these are some examples of people I have worked with)

The beauty of the emotion release technique is that you don’t even have to know or remember when it all started. With this technique, I am able to do time line and elicit and release it from cell memory. The relief you feel and the changes that you subsequently feel once the anchors of these memories are released is astounding.

Different chakras tend to store the memory of these events. We know that chakras are directly correlated with different organs. For example, the solar plexus will be the point where fear and anger reside, and the heart chakra will be filled with sadness,  grief, and lost love, the throat would be an inability to express yourself.

 ~ Ottawa's Holistic Clinic 

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