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Holistic Nutritional Healing

Nutritional healing offers an alternative to traditional medicines and invasive procedures for non-life-threatening ailments. For a person looking to improve their health or combat chronic problems nutrition may be the answer.

Nutritional healing will require a person to make a commitment to improving their health through natural methods of diet and exercise. A natural or holistic nutrition plan will, over time, rejuvenate your body and rid your body of built-up toxins. You will feel better and you will have better health.

Time is on Your Side

Nutritional healing, at our Ottawa nutrition clinic, is not a crash diet or overnight plan to improve your health. It will require a lifestyle change that includes both diet and exercise. The changes you initiate will lead to better health and last a lifetime.

Healing through holistic nutrition is based on the fact that your body “renews” itself every six years. The tissues in your body are replaced during this renewing process allowing you the opportunity to completely rid your body of the toxins and poisons resulting from bad eating habits and poor lifestyle choices.

Whether you eat a poor diet or are making a conscious effort to eat a healthy and nutritional diet your body will renew itself. If you make the commitment to live a healthy lifestyle and eat nutritionally your renewed body will be a healthier, stronger, and more energetic one.

The Good Stuff

The most common reasons people do not begin a healing regime is that they feel they will be sluggish and hungry. Thankfully, as those who live a healthy lifestyle know, the right nutrition will give you more energy than ever and leave you feeling satiated between meals.

Healing includes eating foods high in vitamins and nutrients. These foods, such as green leafy vegetables, fruits, grains, and low fat meats can be eaten in larger portions than a person is normally used to eating. The absence of preservatives, sugars, and fats eliminates the dangers of weight gain and poor health.

Food preparation for a nutritional diet does not mean you must consume all of your food raw and drink nasty green drinks, either. It is important to prepare your meals using low fat methods but there are many spices and herbs that will jazz up anything you cook.

Get Moving

Healing also requires exercise. For your body to effectively remove toxins and for your immune system to work more efficiently you need to move. Exercise not only helps your body heal and become stronger, but it will also improve your circulatory system and allow your body to absorb nutrients in a more efficient manner.

Holistic nutrition is a lifestyle choice. Making good choices with your diet and exercise can help you avoid long-term chronic conditions. Your body will rejuvenate itself and you will feel healthier and happier. 

To learn more about holistic nutrition in Ottawa please call us at 613-829-0427.

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