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Ottawa Weight Loss Clinic Reviews


“I was struggling with chronic headaches, joint pain and lack of energy. I knew my weight was also a factor. A friend recommended I see Ramila. In July of 2015 I finally made the best decision of my life.

Ramila created a nutritional plan for me. She also taught me how to balance out my nutritional needs and what kinds of food eat and to avoid. I started seeing major differences in my body and overall health in just 3 weeks. I had more energy, my headaches were fewer to none and my feet and joints didn’t hurt as much. I stuck to the heath plan and went from a size 15 to now a size 9. I have lost 40 lbs.

I feel amazing; I have my self confidence back. And now My daughter, seeing my results; has started the same meal plan and she’s already down 10lbs. Thank you Ramila. I couldn’t put a price on the knowledge you have given me Ramila. Thank you”

Michele E

“My Name is Michele. I would like to tell you a story of how a wife of more then 30 years and a mother of 2 went from being severely depressed to the point of leaving her family, to becoming the most energetic 50 year old ever.

Seven years ago my oldest son Bradley passed away. I was deeply depressed, overweight, a smoker and a drinker; and the last thing I was thinking about was being romantic with my husband.
Two years ago I decided to do something about it; I quit smoking and drinking, started eating healthier, got a personal trainer and began my journey to a better life. Even after losing 50lbs I was still depressed, my libido didn’t exist and I was not feeling any better, as a matter of fact I was getting sicker.

Every Doctor I went to would tell me it was in my head or it was the stress of losing my son or it was that I was getting older and until I dealt with those things it would only get worst. Like seeing a shrink was gong to help me with the brain fog, fatigue, achy muscles and low libido.
I had gotten to the point where there was NO HOPE! This was the best it was going to get.

At my wits end a friend has suggested that I see Ramila. She was quite pleased with the results it had done for her family. I figured what did i have to lose. When I met with Ramila she did something no doctor had done....SHE LISTENED!! That alone gave me the strength to believe that there might be hope for me yet. She told me not to worry; that I wasn’t crazy and that she could help me. She put me on a regiment of herbs that I desperately needed and within a month I started to notice a change.... the brain-fog lifted, my libido came back(my husband is still thanking her for that one) I have my fire and my drive back my spirits no longer sagging, even though I was missing my Brad I wasn’t as depressed as before.
Ramila also recommended an Emotional Release session with her and after I was able to deal with the lose of my son in a way I never imagined. I am able to celebrate his short life with us. I was finally able to visit his room and pack some of his belongings away.

I still had a few heath issues to work out like my achy muscles, headaches and female problems that I was now in the right state to address. I was put on a candida program and within 2 weeks I was symptom free and lost 20lbs. I feel FABULOUS at 50!!!!!

Thank you Ramila for giving me my life back”


“Our family has been treated by Ramila & Megs for over 4 years in different ways. Recently I was having a weird problem: I was scared to be a passenger in a car. It was getting quite severe. I told Ramila about it, and she rubbed her hands together in excitement. She said that she can do an emotional clearing. The weekend after my appointment we went to Toronto. My daughter (the new driver), and my husband took turns driving. That was the perfect situation to test my fear. All I heard from my family was: “Look at you, you are not jumping anymore”.

The latest benefit I’ve received from this clinic is the weight loss program. After trying and failing to lose weight using various methods, I learned that Ramila’s clinic offers a different program. It was almost Christmas time; I didn’t believe that I could lose any weight during the holiday season.

I decided to give it a try anyways, and was surprised to see that it was working very well. In 4 months I was 37 lb lighter and 3 sizes smaller. I feel great, I am not hungry, I am getting lots of compliments, and I am much happier. I still have some extra pounds to get rid off, but I am not giving up!

Dear Ramila, Megs and Maria, I can’t thank you enough for all your help. Your office is always full of positive energy. Cheers!

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