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Theresa Q B.

“Back Pain

To Whom This May Concern,

Ramila Padiachy’s reflexology was the solution to my ongoing back pain. I will tell you my story:

I first met Ramila in the fall of 1993. I am a real estate broker and sold a home to her family. To show appreciation for my services, Ramila generously offered to give me a free reflexology treatment. To tell you the truth, I was a little hesitant and skeptical but decided to keep an open mind and try it.

I had suffered from regular and at times chronic back pain. As treatment. I visited a chiropractor. He did help a little but I was rarely completely pain free. I tend to store stress in my back which compounds the situation. With the busy spring real estate market the pain level was often very high and generally consistent.

The complimentary treatment felt so good I decided to go back and amazing enough, the pain lessened and eventually vanished. After about eight sessions I returned to the chiropractor. He was amazed at hoe my back “felt” and he said it was the best he had seen it in the seven years I had been visiting him. He could not figure out what I had done!

This was the first spring in years that I have not suffered a lot. The little pain I did experience was nothing to past years. I occasionally do feel discomfort and am now on a maintenance program with Ramila. I am very greatful to her for what she has done for me.

If you are reluctant or even skeptical, I encourage you to keep an open mind. Reflexology may be the answer for you.

Good luck!



In May 1993, I was diagnosed as needing custom orthotics by my local G.P.. I was told that I would have to wear the orthotics for the rest of my life, and that there was no cure for my condition.

By December 1993, I was having considerable foot pain, especially at night and walking from my bedroom to the bathroom was exceedingly uncomfortable (without the orthotics I couldn’t even put my total weight on my feet for even a short time.)

By March 1994, the situation had become so severe I sought out the help of a Reflexologist, Ramila Padiachy. I was also being troubled by indigestion and period pain. After only two treatments with Ramila I couldn’t believe the difference. My foot pain was gone, my indigestion had ceased, and my general feeling was one of well-being.

With twice monthly treatments, I started having more energy and my feelings of stress and tension had melted away. With Ramila’s advice I started doing foot exercises to strengthen my feet, and started walking without the orthotics for short periods each day. Ramila is more than a Reflexologist. Her knowledge of C.R.A., and herbology combine in a treatment of the whole person, body, mind and spirit. She built up my belief in my potential for wholeness, and self-directed awareness as to possible causes of stress-related conditions. Ramila reaches out and heals with her knowledge and awareness.

Reflexology is so much more than a “foot treatment” - and I feel great!

Gail D-H

“Shoulder and Neck Pain

Since July ’93, I have been seeing Ramila Padiachy, a certified reflexologist. She has given me tremendous help. I was getting a lot of shoulder and neck pain. Nothing was helping, I went to see a chiro. It would help a little. But seeing Ramila and following her treatment has improved my neck and shoulder pain. She has also given me advice on nutrition and also herb supplements to help me along...I feel she is very professional and definitely informative in her line of work. I would highly recommend her to my friends...THANK YOU...HAPPY SUCCESS...


“Circulation and Back Pain

Ramila: Congratulations on your reflexology practice. After the 2nd treatment, I found a great improvement in my circulation. My feet were always cold and I was always suffering with back pains. After the 3rd treatment my back pains were gone, not subsided, but gone completely, and my circulation has now greatly improved and I no longer have cold feet, neither do I need my electric blanket to keep me warm. As a bonus, I am able to cope much better with stress.

Thanks a million Ramila

Angele P

“I was impressed to see my file in iridology prepared by Ramila. We spent two hours together, discussing the state of my inner systems solely in my eyes analysis. I learned more about my current state of the inner systems, thanks to Ramila, than doctors that told me after a few blood and urine tests that everything was fine, no glands problems but a little overweight. My search for the truth was not in ruin when I met Ramila and the iridology. I believe it is the future trend. For myself, the causes of some inner problems were found and the herbal solutions are helpful and environmentally friendly. Thank you Ramila.

Barbara F.

“Varicose Veins

I had a lot of cramps in my legs due to varicose veins. The doctor recommended a treatment to kill the veins with a solution. This treatment is not always successful and is very painful. I visited Ramila regular for reflexology. During the visits she massaged my feet that stimulate the circulation in my legs. An oral treatment with white oak bark supported her reflexology. Today, I am free of the painful cramps and can even be a few days without wearing heavy support pantyhose. I recommend the foot reflexology highly.

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