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Allergy Testing

Natural allergy testing procedures recognize the mind, body and spirit are connected, and to fix any health problem requires addressing every component of life. The triple connection requires a nurturing of the whole person, and when things are out of balance, it is often due blockage of one or more energy channels that could be impacting the body by affecting the mind or spirit. The complexity of this balance is often overlooked in Western medicine which is why people end up taking over the counter and prescription drugs for allergies, and they are designed to only last for 24 hours at a time.

Mastering Qi

Natural alternatives to allergy testing are based on the fact that the human body is composed of potential energy and energy that is in motion. In the body, Qi is the energy life force which circulates within channels to every part of the body including the organs, bones and tissue. All of the body’s systems are connected and therefore all of the body responds to threats.

Allergy testing looks for imbalances in the body’s energy flows. In order to tap the healing power of Qi, it is first necessary to determine which channels of energy flows are blocked. Testing involves finding what foods and environmental toxins are creating an energy blockage and thus creating critical imbalances.

Often, allergy testing done by Western methods is difficult and even painful. Yet even after a lot of testing, many people discover the prescribed drugs still don’t create a healthy body. The reason is that testing is usually limited to a set number of foods or toxins and the drugs treat only the specific element tested.

But what if the allergy symptoms are due to a number of factors? What if it is two or three or five elements? Or what if the allergies are due to a combination of toxins or allergens? These are the difficult situations which can benefit the most from holistic allergy testing procedures.

Harnessing the Power of Your Own Body

The allergy testing procedures which are natural work by releasing the power of your own body, mind, and spirit. The body’s responses are evaluated, without invasive procedures, to a number of allergens. When the allergens causing the blocked energy are found, the Qi channel is opened so energy can flow freely.

Using natural and holistic methods, the body is enabled so that vital energy flows without interference. Not only do you uncover what you are allergic to, but your body is also brought back into balance and alignment. This is why people who have chosen natural allergy testing and treatments are able to be exposed to allergens without reaction.

If you are tired of taking medicines and want to deal with your allergies at their core, then natural allergy testing procedures should be the first step. Releasing the power of the body, mind, and spirit is the only real way to deal with the health issues related to allergies.

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