Food allergy testing in Ottawa is done using natural and holistic methods provides effective and welcome relief. Using the principles of kinesiology, natural allergy testing involves determining the impact of the food allergens and toxins on the body’s muscles and energy channels. It is an extremely safe and painless method for determining the causes of allergies and returns balance to the body. 

Allergy Testing the Natural Way

Traditional testing for allergies can be a painful and long process which assumes the allergic reactions are due to the most likely culprits. For examples, many people are allergic to dairy products or peanuts or wheat. But what if you are allergic to something that is not typical such as a particular fruit or even a spice?

Allergy testing using the principles of kinesiology is non-invasive and successful. You don’t have to endure pinpricks of allergens so there are no limits to the number of foods that can be tested. It is easy to test for all kinds of foods, so if your allergy is due to some unusual food or food combination, there is a much better chance it will be discovered.

The natural food allergy testing methods are effective, because the body responds in a negative manner to exposure to food. You don’t have to eat the food either and then wait for a reaction. Kinesiology is the study of the movement of the human body, so muscle or other reactions are measured when the body is exposed to the food.

Using Balance for Allergy Relief

It really doesn’t make sense to think that allergy reactions are strictly limited to head congestion or breathing problems. When the body is allergic to food, it is going to respond as a whole because the body’s systems are integrated. That is the principle behind using kinesiology and other natural and holistic methods of food allergy testing, such as allergy skin testing.

In other words, when the body makes contact with a food it is allergic to, the response will be definitive on many levels. For example, muscles will become weak when allergens are introduced even on the outside of the body. The result is the entire body’s energy systems are thrown out of balance. Kinesiology can identify the allergy and provide the necessary treatment by restoring the energy balance which also restores immune functioning.

Allergies are determined by testing the reaction of critical points on the body to particular foods. The natural and holistic testing is much simpler and can be used to test as many foods as necessary in order to determine what is really causing the allergy. Once that has been determined, different techniques can be used to release the energy flows in the appropriate Qi channels in order to improve the body’s ability to handle exposure to allergens. For information on the process of allergy testing.

Seeking Natural Relief That Lasts
Traditional allergy testing often doesn’t find the whole array of foods that are responsible for the health problems. Kinesiology can be used to do safe and highly effective food allergy testing leading to long term control of allergic reactions. You can stay away from the use of short term and expensive drugs that really solve nothing. For information on environmental allergies. To set up a food allergy testing in Ottawa appointment, please call us at 613-829-0427.