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Yeast/Candida Allergy Testing Testimonials


“I’m Thanking my lucky stars to have Ramila and Megs in my life. Ramila you are my savior. Thank-You

My story goes as follows....I went to see Ramila 2 months ago because I could no longer live the way I’d been living in the past 3-4 weeks prior to seeing her. My stomach was swollen, I was in mega pain, I had diarrhea around the clock and was exhausted. I could barely eat as this would cause more pain. My time was spent in bed and taking Tylenol like it was going out of style. My doctor was running all kinds of tests on me, however we all know the waiting game.... wait for the appointment then wait for the results. In the meantime results are coming back negative or inconclusive and I’m still in pain. The doctor only has theories which need to be confirmed.

I was taking medication for psoriatic arthritis and with all my luck, ended up with very bad side effects from not only one drug but two. Of course the medication was stopped ASAP, however the damage was already done. My stomach or better yet my whole digestive system was in chaos. This is when I decided to go see Ramila. She helped me 10 years prior with another health issue and was hoping she could do the same again.

At my first appointment with Ramila I explained to her that I was at the end of my rope and needed help in feeling better..needed help to stop this pain I was in. I was quite depressed, exhausted and feeling very ill. This wonderful person sitting in front of me says “ Not to worry that within 2 weeks time I will be feeling much better”. This was music to my ears. Ramila gave me hope and peace of mind.

Ramila put me on a restrictive diet which was not so easy at first, and she also gave me supplements to take to help restore my digestive system and to remove all those bad toxins and impurities from my body. She had to do a “reset” for my whole digestive system, as it was in disarray. Nothing was functioning the way it should. I’m so happy to say that within the first week of being on my new diet and supplements I was no longer in pain. On the second week I was starting to look and feel much better. I’ve now been seeing Ramila for 2 months and I feel alive....I have no pain, no swelling, no mouth ulcers, no bloating or diarrhea, my skin tone is healthy, I’ve lost weight in the process and I feel absolutely fantastic. My husband has seen so many health benefits from this treatment, that he says we cannot list all of the positive changes as there are so many. He is very impressed.

I must also mention that during my 2 months of treatment I did a food sensitivity testing with Megs and also had clearings done. To my surprise I had many food sensitivities that I was not aware of. This was an amazing process! Thank you Megs. I cannot say enough good about Ramila and Megs except that if you have any health issues going on or would like to feel better please consider giving them a call. You wont regret it! ”

Misty W

In early spring, my health was really declining. It seemed as if everything was shutting down and I felt quite lost and defeated. I have several auto immune diseases coupled with server arthritis, diabetes and osteoporosis. Basically, I was almost waiting to die. I could barley walk due to extreme edema in my legs and feet, my blood sugars were between 15 and 17 and my blood pressure was about 200/106 on average.
My weight was out of control as well, basically I was a walking beach ball with fingers and toes. A 205 lbs weight on a 5-foot figure is a little much to carry around. That much weight on my small frame made getting around very difficult. Due to the osteoporosis and arthritis my neck and spine are at 100% compression and in the last 4-5 years I’ve gone from 5’7 to 5’ feet. I felt very defeated and hopeless.
I had heard about Ramila and decided to call her clinic, I had nothing to lose. I had no idea that making that phone call would be life changing. We went into her office and we started talking and she asked me what I wanted and I said, “to feel better”. She said I can help you and my journey began. I first began with a detox to get rid of all the impurities and toxins in my body. After a month of a change in my diet and with herbal supplements and of course drinking a lot of water (by the way I told her there was “no way” I could consume 3 liters of water in a day) now I’m at about 4 liters a day and loving it. Slowly, each day I was beginning to notice I was starting to feel a bit better. I started having more energy and I wasn’t as sore. My blood pressure started to normalize. The best part was I started losing weight. After the first month I had lost just over 10 lbs and the intense brain fog I was in started to lift. Month 2 was even better, I was having to take less insulin, my sugars were dong better and I had more energy and of course more weight loss. Friends and family started noticing I was looking better and for the first time in years, I was really feeling better.
At 3 months in I was down an amazing 30lbs, no longer taking insulin and for the first time in years, starting to enjoy my life again. I have been seeing Ramila now for 5 months and I’m doing things I didn’t think were possible again. I’m now down 40 lbs and walking around sometimes without a cane (I have ankles again) and still not on insulin. 

Karen B

I have been suffering with abdominal cramps and bloating most of my adult life. My Physician has sent me for numerous ultra sounds and a colonoscopy, but everything appeared fine. I think I was at my worst recently, when I was sleeping nightly with a hot water bottle. I was constantly bloated and often the cramps would even wake me up. I would take up to two extra strength Tylenol, but mostly that didn’t help. I also started to wake up with lots of gas that I never had before.

I was sitting with my mother and sister talking about how it might affect my up coming trip. They had both been to Ramila in the past for other issues and had enormous help, so they suggested I give her a try. I was a bit skeptic but having discomfort most of my life, I would try anything.

Well, Ramila told me I really had the beast- I had Candida (which I never heard of before) and had it bad. She tested me and I needed numerous supplements to get me cleansed, and on the road to killing the beast and feeling better. The cleanse was very strict for 2 weeks. At that time, I was drinking an average of 4 cups of coffee a day, and muffins, donuts or toast for breakfast and lunch and couldn’t have any of that nor sugar or dairy. Frankly I didn’t think I would be able to do it. But since I suffered that long an I invested in the visits and herbal supplements, I was going to give it my best try even when I would be away on a trip. In just a few days I noticed the cramps were gone and a lot less bloating, which made me want to stick with the program. It has been 3 months since my first visit with Ramila, and I feel fantastic.

Bonnie C

“I considered myself a relatively healthy individual; regularly hitting the gym, downhill skiing, and golfing all summer. Even though I’m active I just didn’t feel all that great on the inside. Everyday some minor ache or pain would start, I just assumed it was due to wear and tear. I felt bloated, always constipated, tired, and very moody…my poor boyfriend! I would be constantly having nightmares also. Every winter I develop this irritating rash on my chest and back which my dermatologist just diagnosed as Grover’s Disease, (something to do with sweating and dry skin). Finally, two weeks ago I lost my appetite. This can’t be normal when I am always on the go? I had seen my family doctor numerous times and was given Rx’s for this and that, steroid creams, sleeping pills, heartburn medication and I thought,”is this what being in my 40’s is all about”? I decided not to take anymore prescriptions and find another way and to get to the bottom of whats going on inside my body. I was working with a client who mentioned Ramila and said how amazing she was so something inside of me said this is the answer. I met with Ramila last Tuesday morning. She is very sweet and approachable, not to mention very knowledgeable and understanding. She tested my body against certain supplements and advised me, much to my horror that I have too much Candida in my body! My first thought was YUK!!, WHAT IS THAT? then how could this be? I eat well and live a healthy lifestyle, or so I thought. I guess I have much to learn about what is considered healthy and what isn’t. I have been on the Candida diet 6 days now. I have been through 4 days of severe headaches, left sided neck pain, some dizziness, lightheadedness, fatigue, feeling hungry, and I even projectile vomited once. ( I don’t know if this has anything to do with the diet as I may have simple eaten something which didn’t agree with me).

Beginning of day 7!
I am happy to report that I am feeling much better. I am having normal bowl movements WOO HOO, almost no bloating, no more headache, just a little lightheaded. Although I am still dreaming, and after years of hitting the snuzze button 3 or 4 times before dragging myself out of bed, I am happy to report that I’m awake and alert before my alarm goes off. I typically have sore ankles and joints but not at the present time. I sure hope that this continues. My mind seems clearer and I am getting used to the diet now and look forward to seeing Ramila in another week for a follow up. I am determined to feel better and I feel strongly that she will be able to help my body heal from the inside out!
Also, I have had to call the office a few times being a Newbie to this diet, and Maria was so nice and compassionate. She reassured me that my symptoms were indeed normal and that if I needed to call back she would be there.
Thanks to Ramila and Maria for your awesome care.

Claire N

“I had been seeing another naturopath from 1998 to 2007. It took 4 years for me to feel better; however with you, I saw a difference in my health and energy within 2 weeks.

What I also got from her is knowledge as to how to take care of myself and how to balance my nutrition & what foods to avoid. She spends time with me & is not on a 20-25 minute timer like the other naturopath.

The products she uses are the best & she can discern which are good for me and which does not work for me.

She has tremendous knowledge & knows so much about nutrition as well.

I had a really busy & stressful year. I would have not been able to cope & accomplish all, have I not been on Ramilas Regime.

I loss 38 lbs since seeing Ramila & I am excited!!!

Thank You.


“Eight months ago I went to see my gynecologist and was told I had a yeast infection. After five months and at least five different prescription medications, I was still not rid of the infection.

That is when Dr. Ramila of Dr. Ramila’s Healing Arts Clinic was recommended to me by a friend who’d been to see her and had benefited from the experience. I live in Quebec and traveling to Ottawa was not feasible for me, so Dr. Ramila treated me via phone consultation.

Despite being separated by geographical distance and not being able to see her in person, Dr. Ramila’s treatment program was easy to follow. During each phone consultation Dr. Ramila helped me to understand the way my body works and provided clear, detailed, and easy to follow instructions as to how to move forward in fighting the battle with yeast. She stressed that I should focus on listening and asking questions while we talked and at the conclusion of each session she would e-mail me a concise summary of what we discussed as well as an outline of the next steps I should take.

With her guidance, willingness to answer any and all questions, and the resources she offers (meal plan, list of foods to avoid, easy to make recipes, etc) I have successfully gotten rid of my yeast infection! Dr. Ramila is a kind person who fielded numerous neurotic questions and helped me to better understand how and why the body functions the way it does. She provided me with an easy to implement lifestyle change to ensure I don’t have to fight with yeast again, as opposed to the ‘band-aid’ approach that Western medicine offered.

Dr. Ramila’s compassion is evident in her voice – seeing her in person would have been nice, but is certainly not necessary to complete the treatment.

Gloria L


I am writing to thank you for making a difference in my health and consequently in the quality of my life.

I have been on the program for food and supplements you have prescribed for six days, and since day three there has been a miraculous change. I am no longer stressed or shaky. I no longer have nausea, dizziness, fewer headaches and renewed energy. Because my stress level has been addressed and you have prescribed RE-X, I now sleep better, other than on nights when I have an arthritis flare up. And – best of all, on day four, five and six I had normal bowel movements. I also have no starvation pains, which I always experienced due to no eating, as I knew what the results would be. I do have yearnings and cravings, but assume that these are withdrawal symptoms and are easily tolerable, and will eventually subside.

I intend to keep you informed of my daily progress, so that you may pass my miraculous recovery on to others to give them hope for the future.


Just a short note to update you on the past seven days on my diet. I have been keeping a log book on what I eat and my “bowel” behavior. Other than two days when I made mistake on my food consumption, I have had mostly soft, formed stools, sometimes followed by diarrhea, but certainly not the “explosive” kind. Sometimes “urgent” but a whole lot better than my experience in the past.
The two days I had severe diarrhea were caused by my own mistakes. Day 1 was when I made homemade chicken soup and used a powered chicken base made by WASCO. I had used this product in the past and made sure it contained no MSG. Consequently, I didn’t think to re-check the contents again. Unfortunately, that was a mistake. After my “attack”, I thought to re-check the ingredients and discovered it contained-corn syrup- sugar- and dextrose. I’m assuming it was these three ingredients were the culprits that caused the problem.

Day 2 “attack” was once again caused by my own mistake. I bought organic tomatoes and skinned them and at them cold. I have been unable to eat tomatoes for a long time, but thought that perhaps I had overcome this reaction. Within half an hour, I was passing tomatoes into the toilet and continued for the rest of the day.

“Two lessons learned”!

I am definitely better. No more nausea, fewer headaches and even my arthritis is better.

You are a miracle worker and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please continue to guide me on the right path to a healthy life style.

Valerie Y. - Ottawa

“Hi Ramila,

I am so excited this morning! I cannot wait to talk to you and see you again about what has come to me this morning. I am on fire with excitement about the potential and possibility for even more miraculous healing results!!!

It has been more than 6 months since I have felt so excited about my future and what is in store!

My cells are on fire! I am on fire! This is a great place to be again.

Your release/correction work did a lot for me.


Jennifer B.

“In March 2006, I had my first consultation with Ramila – the beginning of my journey away from 26 years of suffering from candidiasis. Today, one year later, I enjoy radiant good health, high energy and wellbeing, a state that I could never have imagined would be mine. This testimonial is a tribute to Ramila, to all the wonderful help, the kindness and encouragement she offered me during the months of my healing.

Before beginning Ramila’s anti-candida regime, I had all the classic symptoms of that condition: frequent and extreme exhaustion, lack of mental clarity (“brain fog”), poor digestion, gas and bloating, aches in my back, shoulders and neck, moodiness. I thought I was doomed to always live with that disorder, believing that I was doing the best I could to control it. My diet was simple and wholesome: I ate only chicken, fish, tofu, vegetables, apples and almonds. But now the bouts of candida were becoming more frequent; even tofu was causing me problems. I hadn’t eaten a banana, grains, bread, dairy products or sweets in years – and still I often felt like hell. I took all the supplements that I’d read were helpful for the condition. But despite my best efforts, I experienced flare-ups many times a year – particularly when I was stressed or emotional.

What I had needed was a systematic program, which Ramila offered, to cleanse my body of the yeast infection, and to take supplements that would strengthen and balance my digestive system so that I wouldn’t be susceptible to the overgrowth of candida.

By the time of my first visit with Ramila, I was determined to overcome this disorder – “the beast,” as she called it. I would do whatever it took to put it behind me and live a happy, healthy life. I was thrilled when she said that I could be totally healed, and that 90 percent of those who come to her with the condition are cured. (These are the ones who follow the healing regimen completely; the other 10 percent don’t persist in it long enough.) So I set about following Ramila’s advice and taking the Nature Sunshine products. I did everything she told me to do. I took the supplements exactly when indicated. I set aside the spring and summer as my healing time and devoted myself to getting well.

By the second day of the regime, I felt more energy and mental clarity than I’d experienced in years. As a result of the supplements, I had no more gas or bloating, which had plagued me for years. Gone were the pains in my lower back and shoulders. And no more hyper-acidity. I felt calmer and slept better.

I was euphoric for a few days – until the healing began in earnest. Then I experienced long periods of exhaustion and mental confusion and sadness. I accepted this as the “kill-off” effect of the anti-candida program. This was purification or cleansing – a necessary experience in the healing process. When I was tired, I rested; when I felt sad, I let the tears flow. They didn’t last long.

Some days, I was over-the-top with energy and wellbeing. Then, unaccountably, down into the dumps I’d go. Fatigue was a constant and unwelcome companion during those months of healing. I allowed it to be so.

I credit myself for having the determination, perseverance and good mental attitude during this period. Rather than fight the condition, I assumed success. I also had absolute faith in Ramila and her advice – and my faith proved to be justified.

Week by week, month by month, I visited her. I looked forward to our time together; her loving support was invaluable. Her muscle-testing on my body proved that the healing program was working as expected: my digestive organs began to function well. My whole body was coming into balance. Tests for allergies proved that I had a sensitivity to 40 foods and substances. So during many visits, she cleared me of these allergies using state-of-the-art wholistic technology.

Tentatively, I began to eat some of the foods that had triggered allergic reactions in the past. How wonderful to eat brown rice on occasion! To enjoy soy products again without suffering any ill effects! Recently, I ate part of a banana – what joy! I expect to move towards a more vegetarian diet and substitute more beans and lentils for the chicken and fish I eat daily.

In the past year, I have had a flare-up of candida for only a day or two – the result of inadvertently eating something that triggered the condition. (Artificial crab meat is definitely not advised for anyone with candida!) Ramila’s promise that I would be well has proven true. With all my heart, I thank her and Megs for their dedication to their healing arts and to their clients, and for their knowledge and loving service. And I encourage all those who embark on a journey away from candida to do so with all their might. Follow the advice. Take the supplements and drink lots of spring water. Trust your body and its healing wisdom. And remember to rest, rest and rest! You will be well!


“Hi Ramila,

I don’t see you until next week, but thought I would update you. This is a lengthy note, however, feed back will help you to guide me better and you can read this at your leisure.

I have always responded well when I do the right thing for my body. This regime however, has surprised me with the quick results. I suspect I’ve been suffering for a lot longer than I thought. My mood is good and very light, my body is returning to a shape I haven’t see in ages, the aches and pains are under control, there is a healthy glow to my skin and the whites of my eyes are whiter, I haven’t smoked a cigarette since I saw you on February 11, 2002 and have not cheated once on the diet. My only complaint is that I love the almond butter and it costs $9.99 a jar!!! But that is a small price to pay. Last night I did twenty-five minutes yoga tape, I was not able to keep up, obviously, but I did participate at my own pace for twenty-five minutes. I have taken 20 minute brisk walks in the past week as well. My exercise, as you know, had dwindled to nil, so this is a wonderful feeling as I am motivated to do it. My sleep is not as good as it could be, however, I am only waking three or four times a night now (down from once an hour).

I feel balanced and my energy is my own, I can feel it as a whole within me as opposed to that scattered feeling. You asked me if the fire was gone, I can assure you it is starting to spark again. I have been able to sit in meditation as well, and in my day to day activities I am more focused on each task I do. Before seeing you I had been able to attain this mindfulness with a lot of effort and struggle, today it is greatly improved.

What us interesting to note, and I am sure you’ve seen this before, but I wanted to share as I likely won’t remember to tell you when I see you, is that the food craving has disappeared completely and I am able to be attentive to what I eat, by this I mean that when the food is in my mouth, I taste it, chew it very well and enjoy the process of eating. I have tried to achieve this many times before through mindfulness and discipline but have always encountered difficulty. As well, when I look at food that someone else is eating or food on the counter, or even dinner I’m preparing for others, it is just that, food, it is what it is, it is not something that I MUST HAVE. The yeast monster inside of me has quieted and his is wonderful.


“It is Christmas day and I want to wish you a happy birthday. Thank you for your support and inspiration throughout the year. I am feeling better; doing the things I like the most and living an active lifestyle. It has been a long time since I had this much energy! For the first time, Christmas dinner is not making me feel sick: my head is clear... no brain fog, no dizzy spell or upset stomach and bloating. I can enjoy being around friends and family without worrying about what\’s on the menu. Thank you for giving me hope when I thought I had nothing left to lose. You helped me believe that it was possible to live without Candida and you gave me the right tools to achieve my dream. I am very grateful.

I hope you are having a good time with your family in South Africa. See you in the New Year!


“For years I struggled with digestive issues. They began as mild discomfort after eating certain foods, and over the course of 10 years or so, gradually evolved into what became for me an almost daily handicap. Discomfort ranging from bloating to acute pain with serious bloating became an almost daily event. I even reached a point where I was afraid to eat because I no longer knew what my trigger foods were, or how to fix the problem. To add insult to injury, no eating could have the same impact as eating. I was a mess. Each day had to have a built-in contingency in case one of my unpredictable and lurking digestive ‘attacks’ reared its head.

Unfortunately, my doctor and the gastroenterologist I was referred to were unable to help - they advised me to simply keep doing what I was doing. At best, I was simply managing my symptoms, and apprehensive each day.

A friend recommended I see Ramila. When I met with her, I was impressed with the personal touch she added to our first consultation. I felt as though she truly understood, and knew what I was talking about.

And then she did it. She made (what I thought was) a wacky guarantee that she would help heal my digestive issues. After all of these years? Well, we designed a plan, and within a few short days, my discomfort was gone. I simply could not believe it. I followed her recommendations for the following months and am now pain free, bloating free, and enjoying the foods and activities I’ve always enjoyed. I had forgotten what it was like to be this comfortable in my own skin! And this free to live without that contingency!

Thank you SO much, Ramila. I can’t imagine not having met you.


“This testimony is long due. I was suffering from chronic joint pain, constant migraine, stress, depression for years before I met two of Ramilas clients, a young married couple who told me about Ramila. Ramila diagnosed me with systemic candida and after taking her energy medicine and a diet that went along with it for just two weeks I felt like I was 17 again. I ran up and down the flank of a soccer field throughout the whole game. That’s when I first felt incredibly grateful to Ramila and understood the strengths of holistic methods.

Recently I have been visiting Ramilas clinic quite frequently to get my allergies removed through ‘sensitivity clearing’ procedures that are carried out by Megs. This will eventually help my digestive and immune system to function normally again.

Ramilas art is a timeless combination of traditional spiritual healing and neuroscience based on constant research. I have no doubt that Ramila’s healthcare practices are way ahead of time and is the future of healthcare.

Forever grateful

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