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Shoulder Treatment

Shiatsu Massage Therapy

Shiatsu massage therapy is a healing and diagnostic method that originated in Japan. In the past decade it has become a popular and respected therapeutic technique in the Western world.

Shiatsu massage in Ottawa is offered by our alternative healers and holistic center. It is also now used in many major medical centers in combination with traditional methods.

Shi, or finger, and atsu, or pressure, aptly describes the Shiatsu technique. A Shiatsu practitioner will use only her fingers, palms, and thumbs to apply healing pressure to her client. The healing pressure will balance the body’s energy and help improve the health of the client.

When looking for a massage practitioner a person should look for someone who has been trained in specific Shiatsu healing techniques. The trained practitioner will be able to both diagnose and treat chronic health problems.

Listening with Your Hands

Some Shiatsu massage practitioners in Ottawa use shiatsu techniques to diagnose specific problems. A practitioner will use her fingers to determine where a client’s body is disharmonious. This ability to determine bodily ailments takes training and practice and comes only with time; this ability to diagnose is called “listening with your hands”.

There are many ways a massage therapy practitioner will diagnosis potential health problems. The first step in the diagnosis process involves intense observation. The practitioner will make note of the client’s appearance and body odor. She will check pulse points and evaluate the client’s emotional health with a series of questions. After the initial observations have been made the practitioner will check the body for energy alignments. If an area is found to be out of balance, it will be treated by the practitioner using Shiatsu techniques.

And So Much More

Massage therapy is not limited to the treatment of existing health problems. Shiatsu massage therapy has the ability to help prevent future illnesses and health problems. A body that is in good health and in good alignment will have the energy necessary to prevent major illnesses.

Massage therapy has been proven to boost the client’s immune system. An improved immune system will help prevent disease and help ward of viruses that cause such ailments as colds and the flu.

The benefits of Shiatsu massage therapy will be felt by the entire body. All of the body’s systems, such as the circulatory system and the nervous system, along with the body’s organs and bones will be realigned and balanced by the practitioner using finger pressure and positive energy.


To learn more about our Shiatsu massage, call us now 613-829-0427.

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