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Ottawa Iridology Testimonials

Maria G.

“Before I went to see Ramila for an iridology exam, I had several problems which were affecting my general well-being. One was constipation, another was fatigue along with stress and I also had an overactive thyroid.

These problems were all present in the iridology reading which I had done in July, 1993. At that point, Ramila put me on Fiberblend for my constipation, Barleygreen as a nutrient supplement and Kelp for my thyroid.

After six months, I feel more energetic and better able to deal with stress. My thyroid test resulted normal and the Fiberblend has regulated my bowel movements. I feel these changes are a result of having used the above products and right now I am on maintenance.

Thank you for your help, Ramila.

Jan F

“I’m so glad I discovered the special talents of Ramila. It’s amazing how she can study your eye and know what’s going on in your body. She has helped me tremendously in my health level. It’s only been a few months, but I feel I have better control over my body. My energy is up, my stress level is down and my immune system is working better.

Everyone would benefit from seeing an iridologist. I truly believe in good health and taking care of yourself.

Thanks, Ramila.

Angele P.


Iridology is a revolution to me, I knew that the eyes were reflecting the well-being or the not well-being of the human state of mind, but I was amazed and impressed to discover that the eyes reflects also the state of the inner systems: digestive, elimination, structural, circulatory, urinary, nervous, glandular, lymphatic, respiratory. Even the color of your eyes can be affected by toxins or other problems found, through the analysis of the eye, in the systems. For years, I thought the color of my eyes was brown/green, when, according to Ramila, they are green/blue

I was impressed to see my file in iridology prepared by Ramila. We spent two hours together, discussing the state of my inner systems solely in my eyes analysis. I learned more about my current state of the inner systems, thanks to Ramila, than doctors that told me after a few blood and urine tests that everything was fine, no glands problems but a little overweight. My search for the truth was not in ruin when I met Ramila and the iridology. I believe it is the future trend. For myself, the causes of some inner problems were found and the herbal solutions are helpful and environmentally friendly. Thank you Ramila.

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