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Reflexology Therapy

Reflexology Treatment

Reflexology for insomnia treatment is effective because the practice lowers stress and produces normal Qi flows. Many times, insomnia is a symptom of an acute stress-related problem. In other words, you take your day’s stress to bed with you and are unable to “shut down” your brain as your thoughts create more worry and anxiety. 

Reduced Stress Levels

Insomnia is a problem that more and more people are trying to deal with as the hectic pace of modern living takes it toll. There seems to be little relief found either as people try to balance work and family requirements. Even going to the gym to exercise can be stressful when you race to fit the time into your schedule.

It is no wonder that people are dealing with chronic stress in greater and greater numbers. Stress impacts your overall health by reducing your immune system functioning, increasing your chances of developing cardiovascular problems, and creating constant feelings of anxiousness. In fact, stress can lead to chronic pain and weight gain in addition to insomnia.

Using reflexology for insomnia treatment makes sense because one of the main benefits of this natural treatment is the creation of a state of relaxation. Reflexology is a therapeutic treatment that uses manipulation of particular points on the hands or feet to reduce tension and thus your stress level. There are no drugs of any kind used so you never have to worry about introducing unhealthy chemicals into your life.

Healing the Body and Mind

Insomnia is defined as either having problems falling asleep or having difficulty staying asleep or even as poor sleeping quality. When you frequently wake up throughout the night and don’t get a full night’s sleep, you are experiencing insomnia. Worry and anxiousness are two of the primary causes of insomnia.

Reflexology for insomnia focuses on reducing the level of tension in the body by manipulating certain points on the hand or foot. The body has a series of channels which lead from the feet to the head and also are found in the arms leading to the hands. The reflexologist knows exactly how to apply pressure to certain points on the skin which stimulates the muscles and energy flow in that particular channel.

As a result, you will experience a state of relaxation which provides important relief from anxiety. You learn how to relax and clear your mind while your body is revitalized through the improved Qi, or energy, flow. Using reflexology for insomnia treatment is a holistic approach because both the body and mind are healed.

Too many times people wait until stress has caused its damage before deciding to deal with it. It is much better to get help now before you get sick. Insomnia is often a symptom of a much larger health problem. Reflexology can give you the natural tools you need to reduce the tension in your body.


To learn more about our reflexology and insomnia treatment in Ottawa, call us at 613-829-0427.

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