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Food & Environmental Sensitivity and Desensitizing

Firstly what is the difference between an Allergy and an intolerance?

An allergy is an inappropriate immune response to a food, such as eggs, soy, peanuts, etc or an
environmental toxin such as dust, trees, mites, etc also known as an antigen. The body perceives
these as threatening.

The immune system then produces antibodies called Immunoglobulin E ( IgE), which are very specific to that antigen. Symptoms include hives, cramps, vomiting, swelling of the tongue & throat, and anaphylaxis which can appear immediately or could take an hour.


Sensitivities or Intolerances do not involve the immune system, but originate in the gastrointestinal tract, due to an inability to digest & absorb certain foods & their components, this is a chemical reaction. Symptoms include skin rashes, eczema, gas, bloating, abdominal pain, headaches, migraines, weight gain, ADD, ADHD, inflammation or swelling in the joints, recurrent ear infections, PMS, Infertility, anxiety, nervousness, lack of energy, etc. they may take anywhere from 30 minutes up to 72hrs before you notice a reaction. It may be immediate, delayed, or hidden.


The difference is that food allergies can be identified with a scratch test due to antibodies, whereas food sensitivities do not register on conventional allergy tests, although they can be measured using bioenergetic testing such as muscle response testing. 


According to Chinese Medicine, electromagnetic energy in our body, also called Chi, flows along invisible pathways called meridians. The amount of energy conducted through these meridians can be measured & recorded, this can be done through muscle response testing or with an electrical device that indicates whether they are balanced, stressed, weakened, or blocked.


Muscle testing which is a non-evasive method of testing that identifies blocks in the client’s electromagnetic energy field when it comes in contact with an allergen. Muscle testing bypasses the conscious and the subconscious mind, making it impossible for the client to influence the results.


When someone is exposed to the allergen in a glass vial, an unconscious trigger will weaken the strong muscle if one is sensitive to the substance. Again muscle testing done in this manner does not evaluate the power of the muscle, but how the blockages in our energy fields affect muscle function. So even if you have not eaten a certain food, eg eggs, for some time due to a suspected sensitivity, your muscle will weaken when you hold an egg in your hand, whereas other testing will more than likely miss the fact that you react to this food.


We test for over 700 Foods, dairy, grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beverages, food additives, and lots more. We have over 600 environmental allergens, household toxins, animals, indoor & outdoor molds, geopathic, personal hygiene products, grasses, trees & weeds & many more. We do have other specialized vials as well.

How Do We Desensitise You To The Allergen?

The beauty of our system is that we not only give you a list of your allergens, but we have a non - invasive method of using electro acupuncture to reverse the sensitivities. We stimulate specific acupuncture points while the client is exposed to the electromagnetic frequency of the allergen. We do not expose you to the actual allergen !!  This in turn clears the electromagnetic energy fields that were reactive to the substance. This method of exposure has no known adverse reaction and instead allows the brain and nervous system to restore normal reaction to the allergen. This method allows the body to heal and restore balance instead of being reactive to the allergen.

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