Ramila’s Healing Arts Clinic in Ottawa offers non-invasive diagnosis and treatments using only natural methods. The healing techniques employed are varied, but they all have one thing in common - holism. Natural medicine recognizes the fact that physical health is intricately entwined with emotional health and both depend on a balance Qi, or energy life source.


Well-being is a concept that is often misunderstood. It is not "physical being" or "emotional being". It is well-being or a state of general wellness which means a sound body and mind. In the body there are channels of energy, which flow throughout and have a direct impact on the health of both.

When you turn to Ramila’s Healing Arts Clinic, an ottawa holistic clinic and alternative medicine clinic, seeking well-being, you will discover there are many different therapies which will be used and customized to your specific needs. The practice of natural medicine requires years of education and experience, but holistic approaches often provide the most effective means of treatment simply because they treat the whole person and not just an ailing part.

The various methods of diagnosis and treatment include the following:


Many people are seeking treatments, which are more than effective. They also want treatments to be safe. Many of the prescription drugs used today are proving to have long-term harmful effects and it is like trading one problem for another. The original illness may be cured, but a new one takes it place.

Ramila’s Healing Arts Clinic treats the whole person using only non-invasive techniques, which are safe. Since the whole person is treated, even less obvious causes of physical problems are addressed. For example, you may have a physical sickness but it is due more to emotional stress. If you don't address the stress, the physical issue will persist.

By approaching each client as an individual with a unique Qi, Ramila’s Healing Arts Clinic gets to the root cause of problems or meets specific needs accurately. Symptoms are not suppressed with possible dangerous drugs.
Natural therapies focus on the overall physical and emotional health of a person. There is not just a concern with an immediate problem, but rather consideration of the client's lifestyle needs. This may require nutritional assessment, specific natural treatments, or relaxation training.


Ramilas Healing Arts Clinic offers remedies for many different illnesses and can be used as the first line treatment or in conjunction with traditional medicine. This means holistic medicine is right for everyone. The treatments only use natural substances or means of manipulation.

  • Muscle testing and manipulation
  • Massage
  • Herbs
  • Nutrition

Diagnosis and treatment relies on the professional and trained practitioner who understands the complexity of the body and mind interaction. Holistic medicine can be effective for those with minor conditions such as indigestion or for clients with more serious problems such as cardiovascular disease. Simply stated, natural approaches to health care are safe, effective and...holistic. For more information about our Ottawa holistic clinic please call us today at 613-829-0427.