Physical Activity - September 2012 - Volume 4 Issue 5

Two years ago (August 2010) our newsletter was on the topic of anti-aging strategies. New information is becoming available all the time, so I thought an update would be a good idea. I hope you enjoyed a wonderful summer and that you find this information interesting and helpful. Aging affects our bodies and our minds to a certain extent, but it’s becoming more and more evident that our minds, i.e. how we think, can strongly affect how our bodies and minds actually age. Pessimistic beliefs about aging generate negative health outcomes whereas positive beliefs result in positive health outcomes. Of course, we also need a healthy diet, adequate sleep, physical and mental activity, and social engagement to age well. A recent British survey finds that people now consider middle age starts at 55 (as opposed to much earlier in previous surveys) and lasts until almost age 70. However, almost 20% thought middle age only began at age 60, and 20% said that middle age is a state of mind, not something that begins at a certain age.
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