The Secret - May 2012 - Volume 4 Issue 2

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been looking at ways to make healthy choices and spring clean our bodies. This month, my focus is on the mind. There are 2 concepts that are important. The first is that absolutely everything is energy. Our bodies, our cells are energy, but so are our thoughts. Positive thoughts have positive energy; negative thoughts have negative energy. The energy of your thoughts is felt not just by you, but potentially by anyone anywhere, and certainly by those near you. You may have heard of something called the law of attraction. It basically states that like attracts like, or that which is like unto itself is drawn. That is, positive thoughts and energy attract more positive thoughts and energy, whereas negative thoughts and energy attract more negative. . . . you get the idea. One great source of information about the law of attraction is a book (also a movie) called The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne. (Note: this movie is not to be confused with another movie also called The Secret, starring David Duchovny!) This book is one that is listed on our web site as recommended reading, and the following is a review of The Secret.
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