Aging - August 2010 - Volume 2 Issue 5

Many of us have been conditioned to believe that life ends, or at least begins to quickly erode, at around 75 to 80 years. Only the lucky hang on to their health into their 80’s. So as the years advance we just accept that we’ll succumb to poor health, lack of vitality and wasting away until death. How sad it is that many aging (and younger!) Canadians believe this to be true. Sad indeed, especially since more research in nutrition and longevity suggests that we humans can conceivably live to 120 years with healthful lifestyle and dietary practices. The beneficial effects of a healthy lifestyle and diet can even add years to those who are already older. Understanding the aging process and having a positive attitude towards aging will help us not only live healthier and longer, but also help us enjoy this period of life to its fullest. Those who are experiencing healthy aging will agree that it can be the best time in one’s life. Aging involves more than our body. It is a process that affects our mind and soul as well -essentially our entire person is involved in aging. Aging can be compared to the ripening of fruit: as the fruit ripens it changes in texture, flavour and appearance. We consider fruit to be at its best when ripe. Our attitude towards aging needs to change if we expect to age successfully; like the ripened fruit we need to see ourselves at our best during this time.
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