Volume 10, Issue 1

April 2018

Spring Liver and Kidney Cleanses

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I hope you're enjoying the early signs of spring! It's time again for spring cleaning, and of course, that includes ourselves, not just where we live. This month I want to focus on cleansing the liver and kidneys. Read on below...

These newsletters will help you make better choices for better health. The choices that you make today can either have a positive or negative impact on your overall health. Begin by choosing better as it is a step toward longevity.

Ramila Padiachy

Doctor of Natural Medicine (DNM)®


Liver and Kidney Cleanses

There are many, many different ways to go about a liver or kidney cleanse. This newsletter can only give you some general suggestions. If you are interested in more detail, please make an appointment to see me.

Prevention of liver and kidney disease

First, it makes sense to look at prevention of ill health of your liver and kidneys:

  1. The health of your liver and kidneys is very much dependent on maintaining a normal weight. The obesity epidemic along with metabolic syndrome (see our newsletter of August 2017) and type 2 diabetes are major risk factors for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). So by maintaining a normal weight and avoiding both metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes, you've already done a lot to keep your liver happy. If you are concerned about losing weight, please contact our office at 613.829.0427 for a consultation; we offer a really effective weight loss program.
  2. Another important preventive measure is exercise. Physical activity almost every day is recommended. Brisk walking or something equivalent is good.
  3. Drinking plenty of water is essential, particularly to keep your kidneys healthy. The amount you should drink per day: your weight in pounds divided by 2 equals the number of ounces you should drink to a maximum of 100oz.
  4. You also need to eat a healthy diet.
  5. Don't smoke.
  6. Limit alcohol intake.
  7. Get enough good quality sleep.
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Functions of the liver

The liver is a very busy and important organ. Some of its essential functions include:

  • processing nutrients absorbed by the intestines so they are more efficiently absorbed
  • regulating blood composition to balance protein, fat and sugar
  • destroying old red blood cells
  • producing essential chemicals to help blood clot properly
  • breaking down and metabolizing alcohol and medications
  • producing essential proteins and cholesterol
  • removing toxins from the bloodstream
  • storing minerals, iron and vitamin A

Cleanse your liver

With our constant exposure to toxins in our environment, not to mention processed foods, the liver could use some help! To help your liver cleanse itself, it's important to:

Remove toxic foods from your diet. This means processed foods (and all the additives they contain), sugars and other refined carbohydrates, and trans fats (hydrogenated oils).

Drink raw vegetable juice. Vegetables ideal for a liver cleanse include cabbage, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. You can add other vegetables you like for a more appealing taste, such as carrots, cucumber, beets and greens. You can also add fresh herbs such as parsley, mint, ginger and others to make the juices more enjoyable.

Load up on potassium-rich foods. They help to lower systolic blood pressure, lower cholesterol and support a healthy cardiovascular system, in addition to helping to cleanse your liver.

  • Sweet potatoes are actually even richer in potassium than bananas. One medium sweet potato has only 131 calories, yet is rich in vitamins B6, C, D, magnesium and iron. Even though it is naturally sweet, the sugars are released slowly into the bloodstream through the liver, without causing a spike in blood sugar.
  • Tomato sauces contain concentrated potassium compared to fresh tomatoes.
  • Beet greens and spinach are rich in antioxidants, and can be added to your fresh juice recipe, added to salads, or lightly sautéed. Beets also naturally cleanse the gallbladder and improve bile flow.
  • Beans, especially white beans, kidney beans and Lima beans are all rich in potassium, protein and fibre.
  • Bananas help with digestion and help to release toxins and heavy metals from the body, in addition to being rich in potassium.

Take milk thistle, dandelion and turmeric/curcumin. (See the links to Nature's Sunshine products below.)

  • Milk thistle helps to eliminate the buildup of heavy metals, prescription medications, environmental pollutants and alcohol in the liver. The active ingredient, silymarin, helps to strengthen the cell walls in the liver and supports regeneration.
  • Dandelion is not just a weed, it is packed with vitamins and minerals. Dandelion root has a natural diuretic effect, allowing your liver to more quickly eliminate toxins. It also helps strengthen the immune system, balance blood sugar levels, relieve heartburn, and soothe digestive upset.
  • Turmeric or curcumin supports a healthy liver, aids in digestion, helps to restore a healthy blood sugar balance, and is an effective antidepressant.


Function of the kidneys

The kidneys also play a major role in detoxifying your body; they clear waste, balance body fluids, form urine and help maintain the body's pH, and regulate blood pressure. They process the blood to sift out waste products and extra water - these become urine.

Cleanse your kidneys

Helpful supplements include Nature's Sunshine products K, Potas, Parsley, GreenZone (spirulina and chlorella), in addition to Dandelion, CurcuminBP, and Ginger.

Recommended herbs include stinging nettle, burdock, ginger and turmeric.

High-antioxidant fruit: Cranberries are especially good because they also prevent UTIs (urinary tract infections). Black cherries and blueberries are also excellent.

Beets stimulate the production of NO (nitric oxide) which increases circulation and naturally cleanses the blood, as well as supports kidney function.

Seaweed contains spirulina and chlorella which have been shown to detox heavy metals from the body. You can also obtain these from Nature's Sunshine's GreenZone.

Lemon juice (freshly squeezed) in water is recommended first thing in the morning. It helps with digestion and detoxification. It also helps to prevent kidney stones.

Spinach is high in B vitamins and certain antioxidants that help cleanse the entire body, especially the kidneys.

I hope this helps you with your personal 'spring cleaning'. Stay tuned - next month, we'll look at the benefits of decluttering your home.



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Disclaimer: The suggestions and recommendations in this newsletter are not intended to be prescriptive or diagnostic. The information is accurate and up to date to our knowledge, but we are not responsible for any errors in our sources of information.


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