Applied kinesiology muscle testing can identify blocked Qi. The reason this is important is because the energy flows in the body’s meridians must be free flowing in order to keep organs and systems healthy. Muscle testing at our Ottawa clinic uses a force to identify and measure muscle weakness in response to the force applied.

Using Applied Kinesiology to Assess Needs
People are turning more and more to alternative methods of diagnosis and treatments because they believe non-invasive techniques should be used first. Too often traditional medicine involves taking powerful drugs or enduring difficult testing procedures only to discover the answer to the health issue remains elusive. By using non-invasive methods first, you have the satisfaction of knowing a holistic approach has been used which looks at physical and mental issues.

Applied kinesiology muscle testing is based on traditional Chinese medicine which addresses the whole body as a system. The body’s imbalances are assessed through carefully designed muscle testing procedures. The testing is designed to identify the flow of energy through one or more energy channels, because it is these flows which affect organ and system functioning.

Through applied kinesiology, the practitioner is able to judge how muscles react to certain forces or stimuli. For example, you may be asked to apply muscle force against the pressure of the practitioner’s arm. Or you might be tested for a muscle reaction to a particular food or herb or environmental toxin searching for sensitivities causing physical symptoms.

Sounds and Thoughts
Traditional medicine all too often ignores the fact that health problems often result from a combination of physical, emotional and even spiritual dissonance. Western medicine may treat the physical problem but ignore the stress, emotional turmoil or thoughts which reduce immune functioning or affect the ability of the body to stay healthy. Alternative medicine, on the other hand, looks at the person as a whole and recognizes that health problems can have multiple sources.

Applied kinesiology muscle testing not only identifies possible sources of the allergies or organ dysfunction; it conveys important information about your Qi. With this information you can begin exploring all of the possible factors in your life leading to poor health. These include lifestyle, stress level, spiritual turmoil or any of a number of other areas.

Treating the body as a whole is much more effective than treating just physical problems or just emotional issues. The body and mind work in tandem and that is how they should be diagnosed and treated. It is the synergy of the body which creates good health and synergy refers to the entire system.

With applied kinesiology muscle testing, the muscles are tested and to determine how well energy flows are leading to effective communication between the brain and the organs. The energy flows are analyzed because blocked flows can create a number of deficiencies. Muscle weakness offers an excellent means of determining where treatment should begin. To learn more about Ottawa kinesiology muscle testing contact us at 613-829-0427.