My Name is Michele. I would like to tell you a story of how a wife of more then 30 years and a mother of 2 went from being severely depressed to the point of leaving her family, to becoming the most energetic 50 year old ever.

Seven years ago my oldest son Bradley passed away. I was deeply depressed, overweight, a smoker and a drinker; and the last thing I was thinking about was being romantic with my husband.
Two years ago I decided to do something about it; I quit smoking and drinking, started eating healthier, got a personal trainer and began my journey to a better life. Even after losing 50lbs I was still depressed, my libido didn’t exist and I was not feeling any better, as a matter of fact I was getting sicker.

Every Doctor I went to would tell me it was in my head or it was the stress of losing my son or it was that I was getting older and until I dealt with those things it would only get worst. Like seeing a shrink was gong to help me with the brain fog, fatigue, achy muscles and low libido.
I had gotten to the point where there was NO HOPE! This was the best it was going to get.

At my wits end a friend has suggested that I see Ramila. She was quite pleased with the results it had done for her family. I figured what did i have to lose. When I met with Ramila she did something no doctor had done....SHE LISTENED!! That alone gave me the strength to believe that there might be hope for me yet. She told me not to worry; that I wasn’t crazy and that she could help me. She put me on a regiment of herbs that I desperately needed and within a month I started to notice a change.... the brain-fog lifted, my libido came back(my husband is still thanking her for that one) I have my fire and my drive back my spirits no longer sagging, even though I was missing my Brad I wasn’t as depressed as before.
Ramila also recommended an Emotional Release session with her and after I was able to deal with the lose of my son in a way I never imagined. I am able to celebrate his short life with us. I was finally able to visit his room and pack some of his belongings away.

I still had a few heath issues to work out like my achy muscles, headaches and female problems that I was now in the right state to address. I was put on a candida program and within 2 weeks I was symptom free and lost 20lbs. I feel FABULOUS at 50!!!!!

Thank you Ramila for giving me my life back
— Michele E

Prior to seeing Ramila for Emotional Release Therapy; I was suffering mentally from a life time of family issues. I’d gone to therapy but had not reached a peaceful place. I read that emotions can get lodged in your body. I didn’t know if this was true but when I read the testimonials and information on the healing Arts clinic web page; it gave me further insurance to try it. I am a private person so it appealed to me not to have to download all of my problems.

Since the session I no longer hold onto negative thoughts or negative emotions. As soon as they come up they drift away. Recycling difficult issues and events don’t happen anymore. “I’m happier, much much happier”. It happened fast, within a few days I could easily identify what had changed for the good. A couple weeks after that, completely disappeared.

So if you are suffering, want to finally be free of emotional baggage, grief, depression or anything causing you pain. Be kind to yourself and take the next step and contact Ramilas healing arts Clinic.
— I.S Ottawa

For years I had suffered from many allergies for which Ramila had successfully treated me, so when she mentioned that i may be having an allergic reaction to my husband I was not surprised. Ramila felt that her emotional release technique would be an effective way to get to the root of he allergy. She began asking questions about my relationship with my husband and we discovered that I had developed a wall in my childhood to protect myself and subsequently, as an adult, that same protective wall was creating an energy block. During the treatment I could visualize the wall coming down brick by brick and the light shining through. Thank you Ramila for helping me release the emotional fear of loss and begin my journey to healing.
— Anne J

I have known Ramila for about 6 years now. Ramila and Megs have taught me many things from health, nutrition, and above all, to have a positive mind.

Sometimes in life, we get hit and do not notice all the emotions that we keep as excess baggage. One day Ramila looked at me and said, “I think it will be good to do the emotion of overwhelm”. The first thing that came into my mind was “how does she know?” I was feeling exhausted, restless, and anxious some days with an overwhelming sensation in my chest that made my breathing hard.

When I did the session with Ramila, we realized that I had been carrying many things that had happened in my life and I had not release them. This included my childhood, school, work, relationships, death of love ones, job loss, even moving from one country to another. I was amazed to learn that my own emotions where so deep in my cell memory that they were causing me to feel that way. Once I followed the process with Ramila, right away I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my body, my chest was cleared and I had a great sense of peace.

Three days after the session I feel very different. I am able to finally have deep sleep at night, work and home environment feels less stressful, I have more energy during the day and the sense of hope is back.

Wanted to thank you Ramila for another great session, I am not sure that words can explain how good I feel in a very short time. You always teach me new things about myself and life. Thank you!!!

MB - Ottawa, ON

Ramila is truly a gifter healer. A few years ago my husband passed away tragically and Ramila, through her Emotional Release technique helped me release all of the negative and stagnating emotions that I have carried over the years. After the session I left Ramila’s office with the most amazing feeling that cannot be fully described in words. What I like most about the Emotional Release Technique was the fact that I didn’t have to open up and share my feelings. While I am an open and outgoing person I tend to keep my personal feelings very guarded. In the past I have tried therapy but speaking about my emotions was very uncomfortable for me.

I used to have this heavy achieving feeling in my heart. Now I feel so much lighter and at peace. And while I still love and miss my husband the aching is now gone and I can focus on the happy times we shared. When a familiar song plays on the radio or I am reminded of a moment we shared I can smile and look back on it positively. The release of all the emotions I held so tightly inside of me has been liberating and has allowed me to move forward in my life with happy and positive feelings.

Delanie – Montreal, QC

Ramila has the gift for curing. Her talent is something that I can only accurately describe as that of a traditional medicine woman. She has a special connection to the spirit world, energy and life-learning-links that have empowered her to heal. Ramila’s techniques are unlike anything I’ve ever seen or heard about – but I assure you, her abilities are real.

As I understand it, dis-ease in the human body is based in emotional afflictions that require Source remedies to recapture the soul. Ramila seemingly calls upon the aid of allies from the spirit world to guide her in curing illness that may, from time to time, reflect in all us as the imbalance between the natural world and the spirit world.

Ramila restores one’s harmony and balance using natural herbs and little-known formulas. Her methods may seem unorthodox and inexplicable from that of Western healing practices but she gets results that cure (rather than manage).

After only two visits with Ramila an ailment I had suffered with for years has been cured. She has gained my respect as a powerful healer. And, as further testament to her gift, Ramila’s diagnosis and cure were confirmed by both my Western-medical “specialist” and my acupuncturist. (What else could they say when the aliment cleared completely?)

Ramila’s patients are blessed by her generously as she shares the accuracy of her craft with us. Thank you Ramila, for sharing your gifts. I am grateful to have you on my path.

Hi Ramila,

I am so excited this morning! I cannot wait to talk to you and see you again about what has come to me this morning. I am on fire with excitement about the potential and possibility for even more miraculous healing results!!!

It has been more than 6 months since I have felt so excited about my future and what is in store!

My cells are on fire! I am on fire! This is a great place to be again.

Your release/correction work did a lot for me.


Valerie Y. - Ottawa

Have you ever been to a funhouse and looked at yourself in the mirror only to see someone you did not recognize? That is how I saw myself for many years until I went to Ramila for emotional release therapy. I had been battling an eating/ body image disorder for many, many years and after having my daughter I didn’t want her to go through what I was going through. Just one session with Ramila and over the next couple of days I started seeing a new person in the mirror. The REAL me, not the one I had seen for so many years. It was quite the eye-opener.

Patricia R. - Ottawa

For years I struggled with digestive issues. They began as mild discomfort after eating certain foods, and over the course of 10 years or so, gradually evolved into what became for me an almost daily handicap. Discomfort ranging from bloating to acute pain with serious bloating became an almost daily event. I even reached a point where I was afraid to eat because I no longer knew what my trigger foods were, or how to fix the problem. To add insult to injury, no eating could have the same impact as eating. I was a mess. Each day had to have a built-in contingency in case one of my unpredictable and lurking digestive ‘attacks’ reared its head.

Unfortunately, my doctor and the gastroenterologist I was referred to were unable to help - they advised me to simply keep doing what I was doing. At best, I was simply managing my symptoms, and apprehensive each day.

A friend recommended I see Ramila. When I met with her, I was impressed with the personal touch she added to our first consultation. I felt as though she truly understood, and knew what I was talking about. And then she did it. She made (what I thought was) a wacky guarantee that she would help heal my digestive issues. After all of these years? Well, we designed a plan, and within a few short days, my discomfort was gone. I simply could not believe it. I followed her recommendations for the following months and I am now pain free, bloating free, and enjoying the foods and activities I’ve always enjoyed. I had forgotten what it was like to be this comfortable in my own skin! And this free to live without that contingency! Thank you SO much, Ramila. I can’t imagine not having met you.


After my session treatment with you I went home & went on with my daily business, I happen to bring my husband to the accountant with me for some inquiries on our income tax. the next day I called our accountant for information, and he said to me Gosh Jeannine what was with Karl yesterday, I’ve never seen him so peaceful replied, Oh! that has to be the treatment I received at Ramila’s last week. He said whatever it is Hang on to it. It was such a pleasure to see Karl relaxed instead of the usual hipperness he usually is.

Now for another experience.

One Sunday morning I was sleeping in, then Karl came into the room to find out how to remove the freezer door& I said why! he said oh I Left a pepsi can in it & it exploded .It was so amazing we are married 20 years & he must have done that at least 3 times a year and he always left the mess there for me to clean, & that morning he cleaned it all by himself in a tranquil state, also now I oftened see him with ice cubes in his glass which he always refused ice cubes no matter what. So, Ramila thank you for the help you have given me with the treatments.

Also my sister Jackie is very happy with the treatment she received concerning the relationship between her daughter and her.

Jeannine H. - Ottawa

I went to see Ramila because I didn’t have vital energy and my eyes were reflecting this state. I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew I was in good hands. So I began to explain how I was feeling and suddenly, out of nowhere, she asks me a question about my last sexual relationship. So we began to talk about this and one image came in my mind. I shared the event around this image and I discovered that I have experienced shame since that event. With the kinesiology, we checked when this event happened and I was 7 years old. So, with her wonderful technique of Emotional Release, shame was out of my body in about 2 minutes. TWO MINUTES... that’s all it took to take away all this shame that lived inside of me for the last 36 years.

Since that healing experience, I feel different. I feel more in tune with the life that is within me. I don’t feel anymore this resistance that prevented me from expressing my joy. I surprise myself to feel happy without any external reason. I AM happy, unconditionally. That’s new for me and I like to experiment this.Removing the shame was so easy with Ramila’s method. Her intuition and wisdom helped me heal something that took a lot of place in my life. Thanks Ramila for being who you are. Your gifts helped me become more alive.

I owe you one! :)

Édith P. - Gatineau

How to begin???

My heartfelt thanks to Megs for suggesting that I seek Ramila’s help in what I now call .... getting rid of my excess baggage... Emotional Cleansing.

My undying gratitude and love to Ramila for finding the true moi buried under all this mess.

You would think that a 64 year old woman would have her life all figured out, that all was well in the emotional department!!

Well, not me.

In January 2006, I had my first session with Ramila.

Anger was a biggy with me. I was angry at the world. It was the first to go.

As I sat there with my eyes closed, trying to remember events or incidents that would be the root of my anger, Ramila told me to focus on a little girl of 1 or 2 years old ....... So I did. A little girl running around beautiful gardens smelling flowers, looking at her new baby sister... And suddenly the image would fade away.

My anger was rooted so deeply that when I got rid of it I felt like a burden had been lifted off my shoulders. Oh! I still get angry,but I can think things through and deal with the problem.Then came Worthlessness....

After my session Ramila looked at me and said: “Your face has changed”..

I said: “Yeah! Right!”

She replied: “Look for yourself” and handed me a mirror. I could not believe my eyes. The reflection I saw was at least 10 years younger. There was a glow!!!

I have been seeing Ramila once a month since January. A lot of “baggage” has gone.

Friends have noticed a major change in me. I have seen a big change. I am more confident. I notice it mostly in my posture, the way I walk. I look at the world straight in the face. I can meet the challenges without doubting myself.

I will continue my sessions with Ramila because I feel that there are still a few more problems I want to deal with. I can hardly wait to see what I will turn out to be!!!!


Cecile B. - Pembrooke

My best friend in Edmonton says, ‘Buddy you have been flying since your last visit to Ramila’. Last Friday on 5th June, Ramila as per my request performed a test what she is calling, ‘emotional release’ on me. Words would not do justice to the result the test has brought about. But I would make an attempt. It was like completely losing your confident self in your subconscious mind and stress, depression, fatigue, lack of passion for living, identity crisis, social ineptness, self hate, negative self criticism and a host of other energy sucking physical and mental realities for a few long years. And then gaining all the confidence back in a matter of an hour long methodology that Ramila carried out. It is supposed to sound surreal. Because it is surreal. I mean I am confident again like I always used to be, I have a higher understanding of existence like I used to have. Thereby I got back the passion to live. I am looking people in the eye again. People are giving off a lot of respect, attention and interest while interacting with me. The ladies are staring at me like they used to. Yes I almost feel like I have wings. It’s a lot like getting your youth back. What more can I say really. And one thing that I am really loving, is how I am defending myself against unfairness and wrong-doing. How I am protecting my rights in speech and in action. This is how I used to be.

This testimony is long due. I was suffering from chronic joint pain, constant migraine, stress, depression for years before I met two of Ramilas clients, a young married couple(Shawn and Michelle Sauvé; Thanks to you two) who told me about Ramila. Ramila diagnosed me with systemic candida and after taking her energy medicine and a diet that went along with it for just two weeks I felt like I was 17 again. I ran up and down the flank of a soccer field throughout the whole game. That’s when I first felt incredibly grateful to Ramila and understood the strengths of holistic methods.

Recently I have been visiting Ramilas clinic quite frequently to get my allergies removed through ‘sensitivity clearing’ procedures that are carried out by Megs. This will eventually help my digestive and immune system to function normally again.

Ramilas art is a timeless combination of traditional spiritual healing and neuroscience based on constant research. I have no doubt that Ramila’s healthcare practices are way ahead of time and is the future of healthcare.

Forever grateful,

Our family has been treated by Ramila & Megs for over 4 years in different ways. Recently I was having a weird problem: I was scared to be a passenger in a car. It was getting quite severe. I told Ramila about it, and she rubbed her hands together in excitement. She said that she can do an emotional clearing. The weekend after my appointment we went to Toronto. My daughter (the new driver), and my husband took turns driving. That was the perfect situation to test my fear. All I heard from my family was: “Look at you, you are not jumping anymore”.

The latest benefit I’ve received from this clinic is the weight loss program. After trying and failing to lose weight using various methods, I learned that Ramila’s clinic offers a different program. It was almost Christmas time; I didn’t believe that I could lose any weight during the holiday season.

I decided to give it a try anyways, and was surprised to see that it was working very well. In 4 months I was 37 lb lighter and 3 sizes smaller. I feel great, I am not hungry, I am getting lots of compliments, and I am much happier. I still have some extra pounds to get rid off, but I am not giving up!

Dear Ramila, Megs and Maria, I can’t thank you enough for all your help. Your office is always full of positive energy. Cheers!