Until I began the fifth decade of my life, allergies were something that other people had to contend with. After fifty, though, things changed drastically. For the next ten years I suffered with seasonal and environmental allergies accompanied by the usual plethora of symptoms—continuous runny nose, extremely itchy eyes, sneezing, interrupted sleep, brain fog and depleted energy—not to mention that I looked as ravaged as I felt by my condition. Availing myself of current Western treatments, for approximately three years, I received two injections of an anti-allergen serum, twice weekly (four injections a week!) administered by a leading allergy specialist who also prescribed oral allergy meds as well as prescription eye drops which were to be taken in conjunction with the twice weekly injections. This state-of-the-art Western medical treatment provided relief only for as long as the treatment continued. That is to say that if I missed a week due to travel, etc., the symptoms would return with a vengeance, and travelling with a box of serums and syringes presented its own set of difficulties, as one can imagine. Clearly, this was no way to live.

Then, about two years ago in utter desperation, I finally sought out the details from a friend who had casually mentioned that several years ago she, too, had suffered from severe seasonal and environmental allergies but that now she was cured. My friend told me that Ramila’s treatments had made an essential and positive effect on her health, both physically and emotionally. I was intrigued. I had never even considered that there might be another way to combat allergies other than what modern medicine offered, but, hoping against hope, I presented myself at Ramila’s Healing Arts office, along with my scepticism.

Through the in depth testing, I learned that I had allergies not only to the usual seasonal and environmental elements but also to a variety of modern day chemical additives in everyday products, glycol being one, so that not only was I living and breathing in an “allergy soup”, I was also applying certain of these allergens to my face and body morning and night! This was akin to ingesting a tablespoon of poison along with a teaspoon of antidote on a daily basis. Little wonder that my body was at war with itself and that modern medicine could do no lasting good.

Next came the painless clearing sessions for all 40-odd of my personal allergens. Megs provided the majority of the clearing sessions which were, in large part due to his elegantly kind and engaging manner, interesting, easy and pleasant. Now, having witnessed the undeniable benefits of Ramila’s treatment regimen for me, other family members are seeking their own relief under her care. Truly, this is the only logical action to follow.

Now, more than two years later, I continue to enjoy an allergy-free life. While I am grateful to wonderful Ramila and Megs, I am even more pleased with myself for thinking past my “let’s work with the accepted scientific facts of modern medicine” approach and exploring another path.


PS: I also received an emotional clearing treatment from Ramila. Without knowing why or how, let me simply say that this emotional clearing “re-calibrated” my mind resulting in a release of rather ancient turmoil and a return to a positive equilibrium. Perhaps we can all benefit from an emotional closet cleaning.

After several years of searching for relief a friend has recommended that I see Ramila. I suffered from debilitating environmental and food allergies and such fatigue that walking up a flight of stairs was difficult.

Within a few minutes of my first visit I knew I was in good hands with Ramila, as she had the uncanny ability to understand my problem and therefore get to the root of my illness.

For my path to wellness Ramila had suggested sensitivity clearing for my allergies as well as herbal supplements. I also gained tremendous relief from her emotional release technique. After each treatment I flelt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders, I would never have believed how your emotions could play such a pivotal role in your physical well-being.

Today I am happy to report health, wellness and serenity that I never thought possible.

I cannot thank Ramila, Megs and Maria for giving me my life back. Ramila You truly are an angel.

A.J. – Ottawa, ON

A health success Story

In March 2004, while under intense stress, my body became seriously weakened by what appears to have been a viral illness and I was unable to work for over half a year. One of the worst features of this illness was a breakdown in my gastrointestinal system which caused me to experience poor absorption of nutrients, diarrhea, abdominal pain and weight loss for several months without interruption. The medical profession was unable to identify a cause for my illness or provide any relief and I wondered if I would recover.

In July 2004, a friend recommended Ramila to me and I saw her for the first time in early August. Her testing at that time indicated that I was suffering from a virus and I immediately began herbal therapy under her direction. Within a month, my GI function had greatly improved and by October my symptoms had disappeared and I was able to return to work. I continue to use a number of herbal products that Ramila recommended to maintain my health and my GI function is much better than it was before I became ill. Also, the high blood pressure from which I suffered both before and during my illness has returned to normal.

Prior to my illness, in February 2004, I had my blood analyzed by live blood cell microscopy which showed that my blood was in a weakened state and suffering from inadequate mineralization. When I had my blood tested again in December 2004, it was so healthy that the microscopist said it was rare for him to see blood cells as strong and healthy as mine. When I told him that I was taking herbs and minerals recommended by Ramila, he said he did not know her but that she certainly knew what she was doing to produce such healthy blood.

In May 2005, I contracted a viral throat infection which persisted for several weeks and made swallowing difficult. A medical test confirmed that the infection was not bacterial and no treatment was prescribed. During this time, Ramila detected a virus in my body through sensitivity testing and cleared it from my body a week after detecting it. My throat infection began to diminish within a few hours of the virus being clearing and it disappeared the next day.

Philip - Ottawa

Years ago I experienced many health problems. I had hayfever, was susceptible to everything that went around and I had inflammation in my joints. Dermographism and mouth ulcers were a constant battle as well as yeast infections every six to eight weeks.

All these health problems developed very slowly one at a time. I did not realize it was due to my body being undernourished and very toxic; caused by an unhealthy diet of sugar laden foods, not drinking enough water and not eating fiber rich foods.

My poor body was practically starving. During this period I obviously still looked very healthy and no one would have imagined that I had all these problems.

Six years ago I was introduced to BARLEYGREEN™. The eighteen amino acids, (including the 8 essential ones that our bodies do not make) excited me the most. This made it a complete protein together with having 16 Vitamins, 23 minerals and a vast spectrum of anti-oxidants. The total protein interested me most because my family and I am complete vegetarians. I did not know at the time that it would rebuild my system and help rid my body of toxins so that all the health problems listed above would disappear completely. I no longer have hayfever, no inflammation in my joints, no more dermographism, no yeast and mouth ulcers. I feel extremely healthy and blessed to have been introduced to a product like BARLEYGREEN™.

My family and I take it everyday without fail and would continue to do so for the rest of our lives.

In March 2003, I began having balance and coordination problems, which soon progressed to numbness and hyper sensitivity in both legs and numbness on the left side of my face and other strange feeling attacking my mobility and muscle control. After numerous visits to my family doctor, an appointment to a Neurologist was made, actually an Multiple Sclerosis Specialist. The MRI appointment came to confirm the diagnosis, then the medications to suppress and mask the symptoms and attacks.

I started painful injections in March 2004 and stopped in July 2004. After having many conversations with my specialists and realizing that the medical community had no real answers for the questions I was asking and I would be on these injections for the rest of my life. I decided that I was going to take another course of action in my treatment. Although the specialist help the best way she knew how, by providing support group #’s, counseling and medications to mask the pain, but, no cause, no sign of an answer as how I could repair my damaged brain nerves and body, just medications to mask the problems.

After doing my own research I was able to come up with answers. One was Ramila. I was very skeptical; this was not something that I knew much about and really thought it was a lot of Voo Doo type treatment. After the first few visits with Ramila I was not completely convinced but feeling better. The answers I was getting form Ramila made more sense then the “we don’t know exactly” that I was getting from my Doctors.

When I first walked into the office building at Ramila’s and saw the long flight of stairs at the entrance I was ready to return around, but my husband was there like always to help me up. At this time I was unable to walk on my own, someone would always have to be there by my side. This was making me feel like a prisoner and I was willing to try anything new to feel better. My thought was “I it won’t kill me”, and that is what I got with Ramila I knew it wouldn’t hurt or cause future problems.

We are now in June 2007, and I am running on my own, this form a 31 year old woman that only a few years ago couldn’t walk on her own and now is living a full and normal life as I once did and my husband and I are expecting our first child and at seven month pregnant having no problems. I feel great. Thanks a lot to Ramila and Megs.

Lissa - Ottawa

Hi Ramila,

I don’t see you until next week, but thought I would update you. This is a lengthy note, however, feed back will help you to guide me better and you can read this at your leisure.

I have always responded well when I do the right thing for my body. This regime however, has surprised me with the quick results. I suspect I’ve been suffering for a lot longer than I thought. My mood is good and very light, my body is returning to a shape I haven’t see in ages, the aches and pains are under control, there is a healthy glow to my skin and the whites of my eyes are whiter, I haven’t smoked a cigarette since I saw you on February 11, 2002 and have not cheated once on the diet. My only complaint is that I love the almond butter and it costs $9.99 a jar!!! But that is a small price to pay. Last night I did twenty-five minutes yoga tape, I was not able to keep up, obviously, but I did participate at my own pace for twenty-five minutes. I have taken 20 minute brisk walks in the past week as well. My exercise, as you know, had dwindled to nil, so this is a wonderful feeling as I am motivated to do it. My sleep is not as good as it could be, however, I am only waking three or four times a night now (down from once an hour).

I feel balanced and my energy is my own, I can feel it as a whole within me as opposed to that scattered feeling. You asked me if the fire was gone, I can assure you it is starting to spark again. I have been able to sit in meditation as well, and in my day to day activities I am more focused on each task I do. Before seeing you I had been able to attain this mindfulness with a lot of effort and struggle, today it is greatly improved.

What us interesting to note, and I am sure you’ve seen this before, but I wanted to share as I likely won’t remember to tell you when I see you, is that the food craving has disappeared completely and I am able to be attentive to what I eat, by this I mean that when the food is in my mouth, I taste it, chew it very well and enjoy the process of eating. I have tried to achieve this many times before through mindfulness and discipline but have always encountered difficulty. As well, when I look at food that someone else is eating or food on the counter, or even dinner I’m preparing for others, it is just that, food, it is what it is, it is not something that I MUST HAVE. The yeast monster inside of me has quieted and his is wonderful.


Ramila’s promise that I would be well has proven true. With all my heart, I thank her and Megs for their dedication to their healing arts and to their clients, and for their knowledge and loving service. And I encourage all those who embark on a journey away from candida to do so with all their might. Follow the advice. Take the supplements and drink lots of spring water. Trust your body and its healing wisdom. And remember to rest, rest and rest! You will be well!

Jennifer B. - Ottawa

In March 2006, I had my first consultation with Ramila – the beginning of my journey away from 26 years of suffering from candidiasis. Today, one year later, I enjoy radiant good health, high energy and wellbeing, a state that I could never have imagined would be mine. This testimonial is a tribute to Ramila, to all the wonderful help, the kindness and encouragement she offered me during the months of my healing.

Before beginning Ramila’s anti-candida regime, I had all the classic symptoms of that condition: frequent and extreme exhaustion, lack of mental clarity (“brain fog”), poor digestion, gas and bloating, aches in my back, shoulders and neck, moodiness. I thought I was doomed to always live with that disorder, believing that I was doing the best I could to control it. My diet was simple and wholesome: I ate only chicken, fish, tofu, vegetables, apples and almonds. But now the bouts of candida were becoming more frequent; even tofu was causing me problems. I hadn’t eaten a banana, grains, bread, dairy products or sweets in years – and still I often felt like hell. I took all the supplements that I’d read were helpful for the condition. But despite my best efforts, I experienced flare-ups many times a year – particularly when I was stressed or emotional.

What I had needed was a systematic program, which Ramila offered, to cleanse my body of the yeast infection, and to take supplements that would strengthen and balance my digestive system so that I wouldn’t be susceptible to the overgrowth of candida.

By the time of my first visit with Ramila, I was determined to overcome this disorder – “the beast,” as she called it. I would do whatever it took to put it behind me and live a happy, healthy life. I was thrilled when she said that I could be totally healed, and that 90 percent of those who come to her with the condition are cured. (These are the ones who follow the healing regimen completely; the other 10 percent don’t persist in it long enough.) So I set about following Ramila’s advice and taking the Nature Sunshine products. I did everything she told me to do. I took the supplements exactly when indicated. I set aside the spring and summer as my healing time and devoted myself to getting well.

By the second day of the regime, I felt more energy and mental clarity than I’d experienced in years. As a result of the supplements, I had no more gas or bloating, which had plagued me for years. Gone were the pains in my lower back and shoulders. And no more hyper-acidity. I felt calmer and slept better

Week by week, month by month, I visited her. I looked forward to our time together; her loving support was invaluable. Her muscle-testing on my body proved that the healing program was working as expected: my digestive organs began to function well. My whole body was coming into balance. Tests for allergies proved that I had a sensitivity to 40 foods and substances. So during many visits, she cleared me of these allergies using state-of-the-art wholistic technology.

Tentatively, I began to eat some of the foods that had triggered allergic reactions in the past. How wonderful to eat brown rice on occasion! To enjoy soy products again without suffering any ill effects! Recently, I ate part of a banana – what joy! I expect to move towards a more vegetarian diet and substitute more beans and lentils for the chicken and fish I eat daily.

Ramila’s promise that I would be well has proven true. With all my heart, I thank her and Megs for their dedication to their healing arts and to their clients, and for their knowledge and loving service. And I encourage all those who embark on a journey away from candida to do so with all their might. Follow the advice. Take the supplements and drink lots of spring water. Trust your body and its healing wisdom. And remember to rest, rest and rest! You will be well!

Jennifer - Ottawa

I had been seeing another naturopath from 1998 to 2007. It took 4 years for me to feel better; however with you, I saw a difference in my health and energy within 2 weeks. What I also got from her is knowledge as to how to take care of myself and how to balance my nutrition & what foods to avoid. She spends time with me & is not on a 20-25 minute timer like the other naturopath. The products she uses are the best & she can discern which are good for me and which does not work for me.

She has tremendous knowledge & knows so much about nutrition as well.

I had a really busy & stressful year. I would have not been able to cope & accomplish all, have I not been on Ramilas Regime.

I loss 38 lbs since seeing Ramila & I am excited!!!

Thank You

Claire N.

Amazing...I’m feel better already!! I’ve been experiencing adrenal exhaustion, not being able to sleep and daily headache from dehydration so now taking some herbal supplements, a tonic and vitamins to get my groove back!! Apparently burning the candle at both ends for twelve years will do that to you. After three days I’m already sleeping better and headaches are just about gone. Going back in a couple of weeks to do the emotional cleanse/release and a month to check my adrenal glands making sure I’m back to “normal”.

Tracey S. - Ottawa

Allergies and sensitivities, Stomach upset, stomach pains, indigestion, Pain in the joints, pain in the nerves, bladder pain, Faintness, dizziness, Changing moods, Low energy, listlessness, Back pains

It was an accelerating spiral fall, each spin adding another ailment or complaint to my weakening body. Towards the end, the pain could be so severe and persisting, that I would wish for the final crash, and for an essentially happy soul to be able to separate from this miserable body. No more so.

When and how my troubles started is not entirely clear. Between the age of 25 and 40, the symptoms multiplied and grew stronger, until finally I could no longer choose my own lifestyle. My ill-being dictated what I ate, where I worked and shopped, who I visited, how I travelled, what sports and recreation I did. Eventually, even minimising or eliminating exposure to things that caused symptoms was not enough. “I cannot live a normal life”, I finally told the doctor in 2001, and she pursed her lips and shook her head.

The list of symptoms is long. It first noticed the usual allergy symptoms: itches, a runny nose, breathing difficulties and coughing, swollen eyes, swollen mouth, etc. I would react to certain foods, pets, and pollen, for example. Later, there was the upset stomach, the stomach pains and indigestion in every form. Then came the mysterious bladder inflammations with an unknown cause, and after that the pain in the joints and muscles. Finally, at times the nerves seemed to be able to transmit nothing but pain. I had to ask my family to refrain from touching me, because every touch or caress caused such a tremendous hurt through my body.

There was also the recurring faintness and dizziness. Increasingly, I could seem distant to those around me. I could hear and understand them, but had a hard time answering because of difficulties in formulating thoughts into words. Often, I was listless and lacking the will to do anything beyond the absolutely necessary. “Lazy”, an outsider could have said, although my inertia was not that. I simply felt exhausted. My moods could change fast and sometimes violently, without even myself being able to understand these sudden shifts.

For the most part cause and consequence remained unclear to me. Although I avoided the foods and substances that I knew would give me allergic symptoms, in retrospect it is clear that, at a given moment, there were simply too many causes and symptoms to keep track of. The downwards spin was accelerating towards the end. The world had become a hostile place.

I had never been neither against nor for naturopathy, only I had never come across it before. Ramila was recommended to me by a friend who had been helped by her, particularly through the allergy acupuncture. So I decided to give it a try. What was there to loose apart from a few kilos on a healthy diet? And, you ask, am I cured now?

Let me put it his way: I no longer have to lie down immediately, giddy and exhausted, after eating something. I don`t wake up at night because of the agonising transit of my last meal through the digestive system. I sleep at night. My aching muscles and joints don`t make me wake up at night and cry out of pain and desperation. My bladder inflammations are gone and forgotten. The peering knife no longer slips, and the tennis racket no longer spins in my hand every time I hit the ball. I can visit a shopping center, even walk through the perfume section without trouble. I can stay over night at my friend who has cats. I can order what I like on the menu. I can snack on nuts. I can finish a plate without sorting when I have been invited for dinner. I eat apples again after 25 years. I wear make-up and jewelry again. I painted the wall in the hall. I am forgetting what it is like to be restricted in my lifestyle choices! I eat, I move, I work and I think clearly again. I no longer wish to separate from this beautiful body!

You could think of Ramila’s methods as you would think of a gardener moving an ailing plant from a dark, dusty and dry corner of the garden into full sun, fertilized soil and irrigation Was the plant cured, or is it flourishing merely by its own devices?

Terhi S. - Holland

After witnessing excellent results with my friends and myself from treatments of natural and non-invasive method to test and eliminate symptoms of allergies permanently, I decided to have my 6 year old lhasa-poo dog treated for his environmental allergies. His name is Chevy. Every middle of August, I feel sad seeing Chevy suffer so much with the ragweed season and it lasts until the first frost. I can assure you there were a lot of sleepless nights for both him and me. He would be scratching himself continuously and also he would be losing fur around his eyes. I would take him to the vet (which he hates and gets nervous every visit) and he would be on medication till mid November. Giving him the medication was a challenge in itself. My first visit to Ramilas Healing Arts Clinic was amazing Chevy was not nervous at all… On the contrary, he felt so comfortable and at home… We went home after the first treatment and he was worse than ever for about 14 hours. I knew then, that the treatment was working and his body was processing. The next day, he hardly scratched and slept all night without waking up. Two days later, there was no more scratching at all… He even enjoys going to the clinic. He must sense that is it a good place with good energy feeling. He only needed 3 clearing treatments in the environment test. And the good news is that it is permanent. I am so grateful to Megs and Ramila and highly recommend these treatments. Chevy thanks them. He can now enjoy his walk in the nature trails without worry. It is now December and we’ve had a great scratch free season… All is well in our world.

Linda G. and Chevy - Ottawa

Thanks again to you and Ramila for the treatment. The pain in my arms and shoulders is completely gone and I had pizza yesterday for the first time since I went off dairy last September. WOW!

Garry F - Toronto

Ramila removed all my allergies, over two hundred and fifty of them. I no longer suffer the cramps in my hands and legs that were so severe I was in physiotherapy for months at a time. I no longer suffer the severe pain in my right leg from a sensitivity to cold such that in the heat of summer I had to wear several layers of clothing and was unable to enter an air conditioned room. The painful lesions of my skin have all disappeared.

No more hay fever. My bladder problems have gone. My coughing has ceased. My ears no longer feel as though the insides were on fire. I no longer have severe and persistent fatigue. And no more pain killers or antihistamines. I am 78 years old and I feel wonderful! I eat what I want; go where I please, and I am thankful that once again I enjoy vibrantly good health.

To you Ramila I cannot say thank you enough. You have great intuition and your use of state of the art technology to eliminate allergies is quite unbelievable.

To anyone thinking of becoming her client I invite you to call me if you wish further information.

David H - Ottawa

This is my story. I am asthmatic and have many allergies, my most severe allergy is smoke, cigarette, tobacco, fireplace, campfire and any other kind of smoke you can think of. I am from August to April on antibiotics for bronchitis and pneumonia caused by smoke, I cough continually and am usually restricted in my activities. In April, my brother was diagnosed with cancer and was given approximately two months to live, we were all given an opportunity to visit with him before that dreadful time arrived. My brother is a heavy smoker and I have not visited his home for many years because of my allergies. However, and this is so exciting, I visited Ramila and Megs where I was cleared of my allergy to smoke along with many other allergies. I went to visit my brother in his home, we were there for about three hours and my brother smoked four cigarettes during that time. Usually one breath of smoke would make me wheeze and cough and eventually send me running for an antibiotic so I could breathe again, but not this time, I was breathing quite normally, taking deep breaths with no problems. It definitely is a miracle. I am a lady in my mid sixties and I have had this problem all my life, it just kept getting worse as I got older but now, after visiting Ramila and Megs, I have a new lease on life. There are no more trips in the middle of the night to the hospital to have a ventelin treatment. The machine I just purchased this winter, so I could do the treatments myself, I can now get rid of it. I will always be so grateful to Ramila and Megs for getting my body back on track. Saying “ THANK YOU” seems so inadequate after such a miraculous clearing in my body. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity for this wonderful healing event. THANK YOU.

Forever grateful

Daphne. G - Smith Falls

Will I ever be able to dance at my niece’s wedding? I asked myself. My feet are cramping and I cannot stand to wear shoes.I happened to have an appointment with Ramila & Megs on the day before the wedding.It seems I had been sensitive to Magnesium all along. One desensitization treatment and Voila! I was able to dance the evening away!

Thank you much Ramila and Megs.

Johanne - Ottawa